Bedroom Zutto Amai Hitomi

As we got into the lift she threw herself at me kissing and feeling my cock through my shorts, she said that she was so turned on she needed a quick fuck, we continued to fumble ’till we reached our room but once inside she dropped her pants pushed me onto the bed and straddled my face lowering her hot very wet pussy onto my face and began to slide backwards and forwards on my face as she fingered her clit to a crashing orgasm her juices soaking my face as I lapped away as best as I could. It was nearly a half hour ‘till the next shift change took place and number 3 went to the crease, number 2 just had to tell me what a fine piece of ass my wife was and how much she was enjoying her afternoon in bed, Dean had drifted off somewhere, I was feeling sick now and hoped Dean was not passing the word along, I was still drinking beers, as what else could I do and wishing it was all over, I was really worried about Jenny by the time number 3 returned but he put my mind at rest when he informed me she “is one hot bitch” and he had “turned it into a bucket “ laughing ,number 4 had skipped off now to room 204 so at last the end was in sight it was about another half hour before he returned to tell me my missus was ready for me now.

Hentai: [Koiou] Zutto Amai Hitomi

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