(C80) [B☆STROKE (Hijiki)] Zinogre Hazard (Monster Hunter Portable 3) [Chinese]

By Sunday night it was clear that some travel would be needed to find out about Carmen's study of hermaphrodite genetics. Eddy had belonged to the same Sorority back in Massachusetts.

Hentai: (C80) [B☆STROKE (Hijiki)] Zinogre Hazard (Monster Hunter Portable 3) [Chinese]

Zinogre Hazard 1Zinogre Hazard 2Zinogre Hazard 3Zinogre Hazard 4Zinogre Hazard 5Zinogre Hazard 6Zinogre Hazard 7Zinogre Hazard 8Zinogre Hazard 9Zinogre Hazard 10Zinogre Hazard 11Zinogre Hazard 12Zinogre Hazard 13Zinogre Hazard 14Zinogre Hazard 15Zinogre Hazard 16Zinogre Hazard 17Zinogre Hazard 18Zinogre Hazard 19Zinogre Hazard 20Zinogre Hazard 21Zinogre Hazard 22Zinogre Hazard 23Zinogre Hazard 24Zinogre Hazard 25Zinogre Hazard 26

(C80) [B☆STROKE (ひじき)]ジンオウハザード(モンスターハンターポータブル3) [中国翻訳]

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