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The door was open, John was toweling of as I went in, i was so horny now, so sinking to my knees sucked his cock to full hardness, I sucked him for a short time before he pulled me up to perve on my outfit, with a huge smile he said , oh yer ,, that is perfect for tonight, his fingers finding my wetness, as we kissed he moved me across to the bed, easing me down his mouth found my clit, still high from my walk, the first of my orgasms hit home, as I come down, his cock slipped in easy, mmmmmmm he's eager,

Normally he will eat me out for ages before fucking me,, but again I was so high who cared it was good, feeling his cock pound my pussy, soon he turned me over, easing his cock back in, saying he was feeling kinky tonight, as he slipped an eye mask on me,, then he carried on pounding my body hard, my mind going blank as he carried me over for my second large orgasm, I heard the radio playing, but thought what a strange program he had picked as it seemed to be mixed with talking,

John also changed angles and ripped my hole open harder now, Just then he held my butt and said,, your in for a wild ride tonight girl, easing a finger in my willing butt, it was then I realised we were not alone, as hands worked my tits and body,
I turned and said to John, am I your slut again tonight, he replied by slamming his cock in harder,,,

John got me to sit on him,sliding his cock hard in my arse as I went down, it hurt a bit but soon I worked him right in,, my pussy soon filled by a willing cock, as 2 cocks worked my mouth, time flew by as cock after cock, filled my body, with its hot sticky juices, the guys now using me any way they wanted, my eyes were still covered as I find the mind is more active when you dont see whos doing what to you, it must have been nearly an hour now since we started and I was laying on a guys cock, my arse open and wanting, a guy had just cum in my mouth, as I sucked his cock dry,

John said mmmmmmmmmm your going to love this one babe, and with that I felt some one pushing into my butt, at first I thought they were fisting me, but realised it was a cock, inch by inch it went in mmmmmmm he's big, it hurt a bit but he was being gentle, but I was horny and I wanted it all, he was pushing in then pulling out each time. Furry Secondary Image Of A Pretty Girl In School… Most had left, Francis sat talking with John as I showered, it turned out he was just one of the guys who saw me walk past and when the guys John did invite, around 6, got together to come in, as most already knew one another, from our past nights, they talked about what was going on, so it seems a lot of the other guys took the liberty and joined in too, how many we dont know but John said 15 easy most likely 20 or more had been in and out during the night, Francis gave me his number and said next time he's in town he would love to meet up again, I looked and said tomorrow night is free ,, I smilled and said my pussy and butt should have calmed down by then

I waited for his call the next day.

Hentai: Sayathefox Triss Christmas

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