Cousin Otsukaima Ruby!

I had really fucked up this time, she was trying to claw my eyes out, she had already punched and scratched my face, landed a painful blow to my nuts and was now trying to blind me, “how many times, you fuckin’ bastard” she screamed “what did they do that I couldn’t you pathetic fucker, you will suffer for this” and so it went on and on until she finally tired and went off crying to our bedroom and I went off to the bathroom to repair the damage. This is how it had all gone pear shaped some 3 months ago, Alison my wife of 18 years had finally calmed down enough about a week later but wanted a blow by blow account of my unfaithfulness, I already knew that Dave had basically told his missus the full grisly details so it was safe to assume Alison already had all the facts, but wanted it from the “cheating fucker’s” own mouth so to speak, and so it was that I told her the full story how we had been about a dozen times with 4 different girls, I had to tell her what they looked like, their ages and what services I paid for and how much I had paid those “trollops” I almost laughed at the trollop bit but fortunately for my balls I refrained, I tried to say to Alison that it had nothing to do with love it was just a new hole to stick my cock into that waggled itself a little differently, though I did not use those exact words the general impression got through to her, she also wanted to know how much money I had wasted on my whores, so I told her that I guess it was about £600, she went all thoughtful for a few minutes then asked that if I could waste £600 on them I could afford to give her £600 for a shopping spree, I foolishly believed that this might be the end of the matter and gave her the money but I was so wrong her revenge was just starting.

Hentai: [Po-Ju] Otsukaima Ruby!

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[ぽ~じゅ] お使い魔ルビィ!

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