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“How may I help you ma’am,” she asked a little bit wearily!?! “I'm looking for a pair of boots, suede, in gray or brown!!!” I think we have just what you want,” Meredith replied quickly, “off hand do you know your size!?!” “I usually take a size eight,” the woman replied, “but it depends on the brand, once in a while it’s and eight and a half!!!” “Okay, I’ll bring some of each,” Meredith replied while heading into the store room, “just have a seat and I’ll be right back!!!” When she had returned with four pairs of the boots in question, Meredith took her place on her stool, and after helping the woman out of her flats, she slipped the boot into place and asked how it felt!!! She was still looking at the boot on the lady’s right foot, when unbelievably the woman opened her legs slightly, exposing what must have been the fattest pussy she had ever seen in her whole life!!! Now totally fl?}?ustered, Meredith looked at the woman’s face, but got no response as she was holding one of the boots in her hand and inspecting it’s stitching pattern!!! “Maybe it was just it was just an accident,” Meredith thought to herself, after all, this woman was really on the hefty side and probably didn’t wear panties to prevent having them ride up her big ass!!! Meredith was just about to ask if she wanted to try on the other pair when the woman slowly spread her legs wider, and then as she stared at the huge gash, the woman began flexing her cunt muscles which made her lips open and close ever so slightly as they became drenched with her hot pussy juice!!!

Now she was sure that the woman was putting on a show for her, and while Meredith was a pure heterosexual, something about this fat butted woman kept her locked in place while watching the oversized pussy drool like a drippy water faucet!!! A few beads of sweat had broken out on Meredith’s forehead, and this time when she looked up to the woman’s face, she stared straight into her eyes and mouthed the words, “My pussy’s on fire, could you touch it for me, please!?!” Good grief, she wanted her to put her hand up her dress and jerk her off, how brazen could you get, but even as she tried to deny it, Meredith already knew that she would do as the woman asked, so after looking around to see where the other sales girls were, she calmly slipped her hand between the chunky thighs, and after taking a deep breath she slipped her index finger into the hot wet cunt!!!

The woman let a low moan escape her lips, but after regaining her composure she continued studying the boot she was holding in her hand while tightening and untightening her gaping sex organ!!! After glancing around again to make sure that no one was watching them, Meredith began moving her finger in and out of the hot pussy, and with each stroke the woman would tense up as her orgasm neared, until finally she shuddered silently as she was wracked by a ?}?cum that shook her to her very core!!!

Meredith pulled her hand from underneath the dress, and as she did her nostrils were filled with the unmistakable aroma of fresh pussy wafting gently through the air!!! She was immediately snapped back to reality when Gwen, the last remaining sales girl, called out from the back of the store, “You have to lock up, hon, I’m outta here,” and as she heard the door close she knew that now she was alone in the store with the over weight plumper!!! Now with unbelievable openness, the woman pulled her dress up above her waist and in an even hard voice ordered, “Okay, dear, now since we’re all alone you can take care of Vanna’s clitty with your pretty little mouth!!! This was more than Meredith had bargained for, and she tried to get up and get away, but before she had a chance to move Vanna had grabbed her by the arm, and with a vise like grip pulled her to the obscenely bulging lips of her excited pussy!!!

“P-please,” she begged, “I-I don’t want to do this, let me go!!!” “I don’t wanna do this,” the woman mimicked in whining voice, “you’ll eat it and like it cunt, now get your fucking mouth in there and suck my clit!!!” It was next to useless to resist the powerful woman, so with all her resolve wasted, she gingerly let her tongue taste her outer lips which right away brought a sigh from the fat pussied bitch who moaned, “Mmmmmmm, that’s good, now do my clit, oh yessssssssss!!!” Meredith let her tongue slither up and down the dripping organ until it encountered the hard little nub, and then with a little vengeance in her heart she bored in hard on the little erection until the fat bitch was grabbing her by the back of her neck and forcing mouth harder into her snatch!!! If Meredith though she had cum hard before, she was quite unprepared for the fireworks that erupted when the huge cunt spasmed out of control and onto the shoals of orgasm beach, leaving her totally shattered from the experience!!!

For several minutes Va?}?nna just sat there recovering from one of the hardest cums she had ever had, and when she was finally able to move she handed the boots to a shocked Meredith and announced, “Well, I’ll keep you in mind, but I think I’m gonna look around, but thanks for your time,” and with that a stunned Meredith watched her waddle out the front door and into the street!!! As he locked up and headed for home Meredith was still wondering if it was just a dream or a real experience, but the lingering odor of pussy juice was all the answer she needed to know!!!

THE END. It was almost five o'clock and she was anxious to get home to get ready for and evening out with her girl friends, but just as she was about to close and lock up another customer walked through the door.

Hentai: (C92) [micro page (Kuromotokun)] JC Rachitte Seikyouiku 2

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(C92) [みくろぺえじ (黒本君)]JC拉致って性教育2

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