(C73) [Ikaruganomiya (Umayadono Ohji)] Ikki Tsuukan (Ikkitousen)

I was starting to love this relationship already, he was willing to give himself to me at both ends and I was happy to do the same, I pulled him closer to me and kisses him lovingly, I pushed my tongue into his mouth to explore it and I tasted myself all over, I could even smell myself on his breath, pulling away from him, I smiled and turned around. !” I moaned loudly my eyes now closed, I could hear him moaning too with the combination with the slapping of his wet skin against mine, I bet he had no idea what he was doing to me, my moans got louder.

Hentai: (C73) [Ikaruganomiya (Umayadono Ohji)] Ikki Tsuukan (Ikkitousen)

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(C73) [斑鳩宮 (厩戸王子)]一騎通姦(一騎当千)

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