(SC27) [Titokara 2nd Branch (Manami Tatsuya)] +Besondere+ (School Rumble)

’ Then I heard someone screaming inside the bedroom and it sounded an awful a lot like my mommy screaming ‘Oh my god, Oh my fucking god your fucking killing me!’ I thought someone was hurting my mommy and I pushed by the lady and ran into the room and my mommy was on top of this really young boy and the strange man from the wave pool had his hands on her hips as he stood behind her, I could see that he had his penis inside of my mommy’s bum hole. Step Dad Futanari, Tte Nani? – What Is Futanari?… Hold on kiddies its going to be a bumpy ride from here on out.

Hentai: (SC27) [Titokara 2nd Branch (Manami Tatsuya)] +Besondere+ (School Rumble)

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(サンクリ27) [千歳烏山第2出張所 (真未たつや)]+Besondere+(スクールランブル)

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