Pareja Artist   Dixi Q  College

My Southern Star with freshest flesh that swells the sex in me
Can't stop the heat, fire in the meat, controlling all of she
With rising tide young legs divide, now hungry, moist and free
Your diamond door, your inner whore, your secret solo glee

The fattened flesh between your legs waits hungrily for me
Till we decide, as one, to slide full into fantasy
Of hardened flesh inside your fresh, and endless ecstasy
A perfect act, a fluid pact joins me to you to me

My sightless eye encouraged by one cry of agony
Unwraps the gift not given till you open it for me
With perfect pain, your whore is slain, you lust now just for me
The girl is gone, and all my life, this woman is with me. More Info .

Hentai: Artist – Dixi-q

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